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At Internation Villa Phuket its all about success of brand and project. We provide high quality service to create and develop projects for ourselves and with individuals and companies. Working with best in the industry gives us the edge that will set your development apart from all the other competing projects.


Developing a lifestyle or an investment return doesn't happen without planning and taking into account the various options and issues. Understanding the way the market works for foreigners in Phuket is imperative to success. If your interested in INVESTMENT PLANNING FOR LIFESTYLE OR RETURN contact us or give us a call.


Need that personal service to get that look! We also operate Nina Decor8ive and has for over 15 years and worked with some of the large projects in and around Phuket over that time. Her input is invaluable to the luxury development projects we are working on. She has impeccable taste and the ability to help you choose the look your after. We are able to work from documented client briefing or by collaborative client interview sessions.